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Soft washing Bridgend


Our team provide a 5-star soft washing and render cleaning service in Bridgend. The methods used by our professionals ensures long-lasting results, the use of less water and that there is no damage to the surface of your building.

Render cleaning in Bridgend is becoming more popular because of the increased number of new build homes in the area. If you need an exterior clean of your new build home, then pick up the phone to DJ’s Cleaning Services in Bridgend. We can give you an accurate quotation over the phone simply by knowing what type of house you have.

For more information or to request a quotation, please fill out our short form below or call us on 01656 863 367.


DJ's Cleaning & Decorating Services provide safe and effective low-pressure cleaning for your property. We have over 10 years’ experience in cleaning homes in Bridgend using eco-friendly products.


With our methods, we can treat the root cause of growths and remove the spores without damaging your property, leaving long-lasting results.

Render cleaning soft washing services Bridgend
Render cleaning Bridgend

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Soft washing is a revolutionary external cleaning solution for cleaning buildings, roofs, and exteriors without potentially damaging high-pressure. It is long-lasting, cost-effective and one of the most in-demand services that DJ’s Cleaning & External Decorating offers. For a reliable soft washing service in Bridgend, we are here to help.

One of the best ways to maintain the longevity of your property is soft washing a roof. This can remove algae and get rid of any unwanted stains. Our team are fully insured to carefully get on to your roof and complete the cleaning process. Soft washing a house is not as expensive as you might think and with over 1,000 regular customers, we know we can’t get beaten on price.

Bridgend soft washing services are hard to come by, especially when you’re looking for a reliable service. By heading over to our Facebook page, you’ll see for yourself what our customers say about us. You can also head over to our Previous Work page for some real examples of soft washing before and after photographs.

DJ’s Cleaning doesn’t just provide soft washing roof services, we also soft wash brick houses, patios, metal roof, decking, caravans as well as many other services. In fact, we are yet to find a material that we can’t get looking brand new. The chemicals that we use are safe for the environment and thanks to the latest technology, we use less water than many other local companies.

Our methods ensure that you don’t need to see us again for a long time. This makes us extremely cost-effective, not to mention the money you will save from protecting your roof. For a free no-obligation quote for all roof cleaning in Bridgend, please give our helpful team a call today or fill out our short enquiry form.

DJ’s Cleaning & Exterior Decorating don’t just focus on soft washing, we are the most popular render cleaning service in Bridgend. Thanks to our 10 years’ experience in the industry, we have learnt a thing or two about advanced render cleaning, the correct tools to use and external render cleaning. The cleaning of render can transform a property from dull and dingy, to bright and cheerful.

Render cleaning prices in Bridgend can vary depending on the size of the project, but rest assured that we will always be as competitive as we can in order to win your business. Longer lasting results are guaranteed with our work, but don’t take our word for it, our reviews on Google and Facebook speak for themselves.

No matter if you’re looking for soft washing or render cleaning near me, our products, tools, and techniques are safe for all known building materials and there will never be any damage to the surface being cleaned. As a Bridgend render cleaner, we will maximise the life of a roof or an exterior wall of your residential or commercial property.

Cleaning outside render does take time if you want it done correctly. We have three vehicles within our fleet, so we can take as long as we need to with each customer without compromising on the quality of our work. For render cleaning Bridgend, choose DJ’s Cleaning and Exterior Decorating, covering areas across Bridgend and Pencoed.

We offer a lot more than just soft washing and render cleaning. In fact, we provide everything from window cleaning to conservatory cleaning. Why not ask us for a quote for multiple services? Our team will usually be able to complete all the tasks on your list during the same visit, so you can get back to enjoying your home. Fill out our enquiry form or call us on 01656 863 367.

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